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YMCA Kottayam

YMCA Kottayam had its beginning at Kottayam in 1888 at a time when the YMCA movement was spreading with remarkable rapidity throughout S. India and especially in the erstwhile States of Travancore and Cochin, under the direct supervision of Christian missionaries or at the suggestion of Missionaries. Although such an organization was formed in 1888, no trace of it remained after a few months of its starting.

The present Young Men's Christian Association of Kottayam was started in 1892, when David McConaughy, Secretary of the Madras YMCA and National Council of YMCAs of India visited Kottayam. A meeting of persons desirous of forming a YMCA at Kottayam was held at the CNI Hall, (the present CMS College High School), Kottayam on 19 August that year. Revds. S. W. Organe, A. J. F. Adams, J. Thompson, E. Bellerby, T. I. Abraham, Messrs P. J. Abraham, T. K. Kuruvilla, T. I. Cherian, P. P. Kurian, A. K. Varkey, T. K. Benjamin, M. M. Varghese, T. M. Thomas, Senior students of the CMS College and the CNI, and many others attended the meeting.

It was, decided that a YMCA be started at Kottayam. Twenty persons among those present expressed their willingness to become members of the Kottayam YMCA.

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