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YMCA is a World Wide Movement of over 50 million members in 130 countries around the world. In India alone the YMCA has over 700 different units with more than 2 lakhs members. YMCA Movement strives to meet the challenges and aspirations of YOUNG people in their own cultural contexts and aims at equitable, sustainable and harmonious development of individuals and communities. The motto of the organization is the development of Body, Mind and Spirit, a wholesome development of human personality.

Young Men's Christian Association is the biggest International Organization for youth. Since its foundation in London in 1844 by Sir George Williams the YMCA has maintained a CHRISTIAN central purpose. It is founded on Christ's ideal of sacrificial love and service. Its activities are propmpted by concern for our fellowmen. It welcomes to its fellowship young men of all faith, creed and religion and those of none.

Through membership of a local YMCA you become part of the international Community. Members will be welcomed by the Associations generally throughout the World. YMCA Movement all over the World has a uniform regulation for memberships. Essentially there are two kinds of members, Full Members and Associate Members. Your YMCA Membership card will be honoured in all the 130 countries where the YMCA is officially established.

There will be four classes of membership, viz. Boy's Division Members, Students' Division Members, Ordinary Members and Full Members.

1. Boys between the agesof 18 and 15 may be enrolled in the Boy's Division of the Association.

2. Students over 15 and below 21 years of age may be enrolled in the students Division of this Association.

3. Any Young Man, eighteen years of age or over, who is of good moral character and who is in agreement with the purpose of this Association, irrespective of his class, creed or race is eligible for Ordinary Membership.

4. Full Members will be enrolled by the Board of Directors from among those who are communicant members of a Christian Church or who regarding Jesus Christ as their God and Saviour according to Holy Scriptures, desire to be His disciples in their doctrine in their life and to associate their efforts for the extension of His Kingdom among young men and who are not less thant twenty one of years of age, after they have completed a period of Ordinary Membership of not less than one year and expressin writing their desire of becoming Full Members. Full Members are inducted at a ceremony and only Full Members not in arrears of subscription are entitled to attend business or special meetings of the Association or to become members of the Board of Directors. The Board shall call for the applications for Full Membership in September every year and if there is any application the Induction Ceremony shall be held in December.

Life Membership

Honorary Life Membership may be conferred on any member for long and meritorious service to the cause of the YMCA. Life Membership may also be given on the basis of payment and the fee shall be fixed as Rs. 20,000/- Life Members will have all the privileges of Ordinary members.

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